Blocktrix – Keep it alive.

December 2, 2016

In late 2016 it seems that the website for has gone down and probably wont be coming back up any time soon. In an attempt to keep this great game alive I have started hosting a public server. Along with the public server I also have the Windows download for the Blocktrix v1.0.

If you download the Blocktrix game and try to run it most modern antivirus software will flag the EXE as a virus, it is not I can assure you of this. The software has been flagged as a virus since its initial release.

You can download Blocktrix client/server for Windows here.
(MD5 Sum: 6915F5825E431DD4ECA6B346A096CCEF)
Blocktrix Public Server Info:
Client Mode: Blocktrix

The rest of this post is for the old images and data from the original website.

Current Version: 1.00

Blocktrix is a fun multi-player puzzle game based on TNet. It is a game where the players must arrange descending pieces such that their playing field never fills up. The game play is simple to figure out once you start playing.

Features of Blocktrix:

– Piece Delay Server setting
– Same pieces for every player Server setting
– Bot Mode (Algorithm that plays for you)
– Support for TNet1.13, TFast1.13, TSpec, and of course, Blocktrix protocols
– Optional TimeStamping of Partyline/Gameline messages
– Optional Automatic displaying of game fields when the game starts
– Optional Partyline/Gameline logging feature
– Optional Taskbar Notify on new Partyline messages
– Optional Game Statistics display at end of game
– Optional Minimize to System Tray feature
– Extended Key Sensitivity Setting
– Ability to Ignore partyline/gameline chat from specified nicknames
– Player Field Zoom-In for Small Fields (double click on player’s field)
– More configurable key settings
– Ability to save partyline/game window positions
– Two Piece preview in Blocktrix mode
– In-Game Speed (PPM) Meter
– Three new special attacks in Blocktrix Mode: Z (Zebra), P (Piece Change), L (Left Gravity)
– Ability to rotate the next preview piece (ie. So you can avoid dieing if your field is high)
– MP3/OGG/MOD/XM/IT/S3M/MIDI Music Support
– Sound Effects
– Multilingual GUI VIA Language Files
– Recording/Playback of Games
– Tcl/Tk Scripting support to react to certain game events, enhance client functionality, etc… etc..


Splash Screen

Client Settings

Server Settings

MISC Settings

Party Line


Streched Fields with Zoom